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Grow Your Business Using These Online Marketing Tools

Professional Digital Marketing = Business Growth

When you grow your business using these online marketing tools, you never have to ask if your webite is an asset or a liability.


We offer digital marketing services to help local businesses increase profits and grow your business using online marketing tools. In this article, we have tried to give you a good idea of what these services are and what we offer for each of them. Keep in mind that we can only speak in generalities here, but would work with you to more specifics for your particular needs and requirements.


Not all websites are created equal… in fact, your website could just as easily be HURTING your business as it could be helping your business, so it’s vital that your website is set up in the right way, and working for you (not against you) 24/7.


Why is your website so important? Regardless of whether you sell accounting services, run a pizza restaurant, paint houses, exterminate pests, are a personal trainer, or have any other kind of business where you sell something or provide a service to someone, your website should be an asset.


At a minimum, it’s the face of your business. For people who search for you on the web, it’s the first impression they’ll get and has a MAJOR impact on sales. Secondly, it’s an information hub. Maybe your prospect already knows who you are, but needs to find contact information, or to know your operating hours, or to find specific details about the services you offer… failure to provide succinct information in an easy-to-find way will hurt your business. Thirdly, and at least as important as the other two things we’ve mentioned already, the way your website is configured will impact if people can even find you in the first place.


Let’s talk about why these things matter in a little more detail.       

One of the online marketing tools for small businesses that can help you find lots of new prospects is website design and build services.  


The face of your business.


Assuming someone can find your website online when they search for your business or for the services you offer, you’ve got a matter of seconds to make an impact, and keep the prospect engaged. Most websites do a terrible job of this, and they lose sales as a result. Your website needs to:


Establish credibility


Convey your message and what you stand for


Provide solutions for what the prospect needs


Show social proof (if applicable, which it is in 95% of cases)


Advance the sale


Advancing the sale is a matter of providing the information required to get the prospect closer to buying, or indeed actually allow them to buy whatever you offer then and there.


Social Proof is normally stories of happy customers, but can also be other points of interest, such as how many people you’ve helped over the years you’ve been in business, how many burgers you’ve sold, and so on and so forth.


Providing solutions for your prospects needs might sound obvious, but most websites aren’t set up to do this, because most website owners just GUESS as to how their visitors found them (is the visitor searching for pizza delivery, or a pizza restaurant, most websites owners don’t know the answer, so they guess).


Furthermore, most websites have a high-level overview of what they do and that’s it… some might go one step further and have a service specific page, but these are NEVER optimized the way they should be, which has a huge impact on conversions (from website visitor to buyer).


Your message, the way your business is positioned (high end, low end, customized, templated, etc), and your credibility all directly impacts what you can charge for whatever it is that you offer, and what your conversion rate will be. If your website does a poor job of conveying these things, then you’re leaving money on the table in lost sales, or sales that don’t give you as much profit as they could.


Your information hub.


The easiest way to lose a sale is by not giving your potential customer information about your business. Conversely, one of the easiest ways to MAKE a sale is by ensuring your customers have the information they need. The basics include, but aren’t limited to: How to contact you (address, phone, email) Opening hours (if applicable), Services offered Pricing (not always published on the website, depends on what you offer) In addition to this, strategic data analysis fills in the gaps and identifies the exact information you need to display, where to display it, and any potential holes your website may have.


The KEY to getting found.


Long gone are the days of simply building a website and waiting for people to find it. In 2019, every element of your website needs to be precisely configured, otherwise, your entire web strategy will be stuck in first gear, you won’t get the rankings you wish for, and your traffic will be almost nonexistent – in which case, why even bother having a website!


There are dozens of factors that need to be considered, and they all build upon one another to ensure your website gets the maximum exposure possible. A few of the main factors include:


Mobile-Friendly Pages


Contact & About Pages


A Logo That Search Engines Can Read (not just an image)


Optimized Pages For SEO (meta info, layout, etc)


Strategic Internal Link Placement


Retargeting Pixels


Load Time Optimization (and page caching)


An XML Sitemap


Robot txt File


Setup Smart Site Architecture


An Optimized 404 Page


SSL Certificate


Image Alt Attributes Structured Data


Correct And Tag Usage


Strategic Outbound Site Links


LSI Keywords


Social Sharing Integration


There are many more elements, and we could write a book about each one of these, the point is, if you don’t have all of these things taken care of, you’re not setting yourself up for maximum results from your web strategy (and if you’ve had a website for a while but felt you never got results from it, this is probably the reason why). Hopefully it’s clear, your website is an important marketing asset that you NEED to strategically optimize so that it can bring more sales to your business.


website design

What can we offer you as far as building an optimized website?


Unlike most companies who might try to sell you a website, we not only have 15 years of experience building websites, but we’re also at the forefront of Search Engine Optimization, and you really need both if your web strategy is going to succeed. A pretty face helps, but what’s under the hood is just as important, and we’re experts who can provide you with both pieces of the puzzle so that you get the results your business needs.


Our all-encompassing solution includes:


A fully optimized, mobile-friendly design


WordPress powered website


Installation of WordPress plugins – so your site will run as efficiently as possible


Google Map – for directions to your office


Installation of Google Webmaster tools and analytics


Professional Digital Marketing = Business Growth


So, as we just stated, having an optimized website is step one in the process of helping your customers and prospects find you. But without  SEO, search engine optimization which is critical in order to get you on that first page of the search engines, no one will see it.

What is search engine optimization?


Search engine optimization is the method of improving your website’s ranking (position) in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. A well-planned and well-implemented SEO campaign will help bring more relevant traffic to your website, increase exposure, reduce bounce rate, and increase sales.


Why is SEO important to your business? SEO will drive you more exposure and most importantly, more sales. The internet is here to stay, so you may as well embrace it, and reap the rewards that it offers.


Research shows that:


89% of consumers research products or services online, and use what they find to make buying decisions.


Only 3% of users are ready to buy without doing more online research first.


Finding potential customers via SEO costs 61% less than outbound marketing and boosts conversions by 8x.


Benefits of search engine optimization:


Grow your online presence


Improve your local reputation


Build trust with your search results


Increase traffic in a cost-effective way


Attract more customers


Generate measurable results


Build a well-established online presence


Campaign goals


The higher your website ranks, the more often people will click your website and Google Local profile, which leads to more customer familiarity with your brand. Our goal is to increase rankings and traffic for your online presence by focusing on the keywords (search terms) that’ll bring you the biggest rewards.


Campaign objectives


Detailed Audit. Perform an initial end-to-end audit.


SEO Campaign strategy. We customize your strategy to accomplish your marketing objectives.


Keyword selection & ongoing management. We select industry-specific keywords that set you apart from the competition and expand your company’s visibility.


On-site & conversion optimization. On-site and conversion-focused strategy works to improve website visitor behavior in order to drive more sales.


Focused relevance targeting. Our custom-built software allows us to boost your website’s online presence because we can easily reference important keywords for your business. It also highlights valuable, targeted locations throughout the web on blogs, articles, directories, and social media.


Content marketing strategy. Help you create and maintain the website as an authority for the keywords we target.


Increase the overall domain authority of the site. Take advantage of the “halo effect” properties of the keywords, where even the keywords we are not actively working on can help with advancing the targeted locations.


Landing high on search engine results map. We will help you create an effective business listing in Google and other relevant online directories to ensure that you have top local rankings.


Measured results and reporting. Give you full visibility to monitor results at any stage of the process.


We will also send you detailed monthly reports that dive deeper into your website’s metrics. Search engine rankings. Search engines use over 200 known metrics to display the most credible and relevant results. Because every website is different, your campaign will be customized and structured based on your current search engine ranking and marketing goals.


Our processes and strategies for each client are customizable, and always reflect the latest updates from major search engines. This ensures that we focus on the areas that benefit your company the most.


The following is a brief summary of the tasks we do for your campaign.


Campaign strategy


URL Targeting. Once the pages are chosen, we will help to implement on-site changes that will affect both your search engine placement and click-through rates.


High-value keyword research. Each keyword is closely analyzed based on monthly search volume, overall competition, trends, and buyer’s intent.


High-quality link building. Each link is strategically placed on industry-specific websites and surrounded by quality content written by our professional team of writers.


On-site optimization. We know the importance of building a healthy and natural link portfolio. Each keyword will be strategically assigned to the page(s) to ensure its growth.




Here is a typical timeline showing deliverables over six months:


Month 1:


Social media setup


Set up Google My Business and connect our online dashboard to your accounts


Create header graphics that match your website with Google and Facebook


Website on-page SEO structure setup


Blog & Syndication to social media


Month 2:


Press release


Citations building


Blog & syndication to social media


Request reviews from clients to add in Google Maps


Backlinks from guest posts outreach campaign


Month 3:


Blog & Syndication to social media


Google Maps optimization


Backlinks from guest posts (outreach campaign)


Month 4:


Blog & Syndication to social media


Video for YouTube & Syndication


Backlinks from guest posts (outreach campaign)


Month 5:


Blog & syndication to social media


Citations building


Request reviews from clients to add in Google Maps


Month 6:


Blog & syndication to social media


Video for YouTube & syndication


Backlinks from guest posts (outreach campaign)


Website action steps:


Optimize off-site factors Link building to targeted pages.


Optimize content Creating or optimizing keyword-rich content.


Optimize sitemap and robots.txt files


Instruct search engines on how to crawl and index your website. The SEO team will optimize these documents using SEO best practices.


Optimize business locations for Google Places and Maps. Get found locally with the most up to date information about your business.


Optimize website URL structure. A clean and optimized URL is important for a successful SEO campaign.


Analyze top online competitors. A study of online competitors to track trends and strategies to stay one step ahead.


Provide custom monthly performance reports. Each month, your campaign manager and SEO consultant will review the previous month with you and discuss ways to improve.


Why choose us? Transparency. We believe in absolute transparency. We have 100% confidence in all of the actions that will be completed for your website and you’ll be able to see your results and get real-time progress updates as your campaign advances.


You will also be able to track the daily progress made on your keywords, and review Google Analytics reports in order to see traffic and bounce rates all in one place.


Can you see how online marketing tools for small business SEO services can complement a new website by making sure it gets a top-ranking and gets found to bring in lots of new prospects and sales?

SEO search engine optimization




Our SEO team has some of the most experienced analysts in the industry and we do all of our work in-house. Your dedicated account management team will strategize to provide a successful and efficient marketing plan for you and your business. By only managing a handful of accounts, each management team can dedicate their full attention to your business goals, familiarize themselves with your industry, and develop a customized plan that will produce the most value for your investment.


Professional Digital Marketing = Business Growth


Now that we have covered two of the most important aspects of getting your business more online presence, I would like to touch on the third service we offer which also has a lot of importance because it contributes to the effectiveness of each of the above services. It is where you host your website.

What is website hosting?


Hosting is to a website, like fuel to a car. No car can run without some kind of fuel (gas, diesel, electricity), and no website can run without some kind of hosting.


But not all hosting solutions are created equal. Just like fuel for your car, different hosting solutions will give you different results.


Technically speaking, web hosting is a service that allows someone to publish a website or web page on the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet.


Websites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers. When people want to view your website, they enter your website address into their browser. The browser locates your web host and from there, your website. It then retrieves and displays the web pages as needed. Why is it important? Websites can’t run without hosting. A better question is “why is high-quality hosting important?” There are many reasons why with the most important being the 5 S’s:














Your website needs to load quickly; if not, people will click away from your website more often (known as having a “high bounce rate”), and search engines will rank your website lower in the search results. Thus, slow speed gives a poor visitor experience and hurts your search engine rankings.




If your website isn’t stable and reliable, in other words, if it ever goes offline or doesn’t load properly, you risk losing business. Good hosting solutions have multiple systems in place to ensure uptime, overall stability, and reliability.




As publicized data breaches have reminded us all too well, hackers are a constant threat to websites. They seek to steal personal or financial information, hold the computer hostage for ransom, or take it over to use for attacks on other computers. Like being a victim of a traumatic home invasion, a successful website hack can leave your website a mess and your reputation in shambles.




As your website popularity grows, you need the machine that runs your website (your host/servers) to grow with you (otherwise speed and stability will become an issue). Hosting solutions that are set up to support your growth will have the infrastructure in place ready for you to leverage when the time comes.




A ‘sterile’ web neighborhood is one that is free from undesirable websites. Just like you’d like your home to be free from germs, your website will only perform at its best if the servers that host it are also free from germs. For best website performance, you need to ensure that your website isn’t sharing servers with porn websites, gambling websites, pharma websites, and “junk” websites (while not always the case, these junk websites often use extensions such as .ru (Russia), .cn (China)).

dedicated website hosting


What can we offer you?


We provide customized solutions to all our clients and make sure that their website operates with Speed, Stability, Security, Sterility and the ability to Scale.


Premium website hosting as one of the online marketing tools for small business pays itself back in many ways.


Here are some technical specifications (don’t worry if you don’t know what this means, WE worry about this stuff for you):


Custom-Manager hosting, meaning that we personally manage every element of your website for you (this includes security checks, coding updates, etc).


Super-fast servers specifically configured to deliver lightning-fast website load times.


Private server usage limitations. We ensure servers aren’t saturated with a lot of other websites or that you’re ever anywhere near less desirable websites. This helps to ensure excellent server performance.


High-Level security, including Antivirus and Malware Scanning (plus removal) so that your site always stays virus/malware-free.


Firewalls and DDoS Prevention protect your website from hackers and attempts to take your website down.


Continuous WordPress site/plugins monitoring, so that your website is always up to date and any vulnerabilities are fixed as soon as they’re discovered.


Daily Backups, so that you always have a safety net in place.


SSL Certificate, which secures the visitor’s connection to the website and also improves the website’s SEO ranking.


Content Delivery Networks (CDN), to ensure your web pages are loaded faster.


24/7 Support, meaning you’ll always have someone you can call on whenever you need help.


Professional Digital Marketing = Business Growth


We believe that most businesses should have a social media presence as well as a website. Why do we believe that? Well, I guess you could say it’s easy because that is where many of your customers and prospects hang out every single day.

Social Media Setup and Social Media Management


You can certainly increase your online presence by having social media accounts with the right links, content, photos, and even videos. Facebook alone has over 2 billion users. Many people use these social services to find businesses in their area they may want to do business with.


Here is what we offer for these particular services.

Social Media Setup Service


Design and set up a choice of social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. Cost is based on the number of platforms chosen to setup.


Design and upload custom headers and banners


Setup of admin and manager accounts


etup of business profiles and bios, where applicable


Upload of starter content, photos and 1 video, where applicable


Social media icons and feeds on the client website are not included but can be added as an extra service


social media setup and management

Social Media Management


Manage social media on a monthly basis


Create and post content – 1 blog article


15 social media posts/month using the source blog article


Monthly reports of results and engagement


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin are used daily by billions of people. By having at least a couple of these social media sites, you can expand your visibility in the marketplace and increase the chances of new prospects finding your business rather than your competitors.


Professional Digital Marketing = Business Growth


Now that we have prospects and customers finding you and increasing your business, let’s make sure that they remain your customers for a very long time. Nothing hurts a business more than when bad reviews or bad players in the marketplace who publish not-so-pleasant comments about your business and try to sully your business reputation.

Reputation Management Services from Business Online Designs


First, let’s define what reputation management is.


Reputation management (sometimes referred to as rep management, online reputation management or ORM) is the practice of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organization by influencing online information about that entity.


How does reputation management work?


Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the Internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.


Why is Reputation Management Important?


Reputation management should form an important part of any business. After all, it would allow them to perceive the way clients see them or think about the business. It can be stated that reputation management is important for businesses that obtain and manage their online reviews.


The first step in reputation management is monitoring references to the person or business, primarily through social media monitoring and carefully crafted search queries. Social media analytics and similar processes on search results help to deliver a snapshot of the current public opinion of the person or business in question and then a campaign can be designed to address any problematic issues that have been revealed.


The Reputation Management program at Business Online Designs can help you in many ways when it comes to the proper reputation of your business. Not only that but we believe that businesses should have the ability to:


Manage their online reputation from one place


Be found by customers through accurate listings


See what’s being said online and engage in online conversations


We do this by providing you a software tool that allows you to:


Manage and monitor all your reviews


See how you compare to your competition


Confirm you are being listed correctly online


See what’s being said about your business online


reputation management


We give you the ability to manage reviews:


See reviews from all the top review sites in your industry


Respond in-line to Facebook and Google reviews


Keep on top of trending keywords in conversation


Sort reviews by keyword sentiment to drill in


You can display a review widget allowing you to show off your best reviews


We help you get more traffic by making sure your listings are accurate.


You can determine on what sites your business is inaccurately listed


Correct your listings to be found by more customers


Compare your Listing Score to your industry


Citations:  Scan the web for all business citations


Spot all instances that your business is listed across the web such as blogs, news articles, or lists


Keep on top of the online conversation


Competition:  Manage your share of voice


Keep an eye on up to three chosen competitors


* Determine search engine share of voice


* Track social audience growth on Facebook and Twitter


Mentions:  Make sure you are involved in the conversations


See who is mentioning your business name


Scan the web for selected search terms


Mentions are tracked from: social media, blogs, news articles, etc.


Social Monitoring:   Monitor your social accounts


Connect your social accounts to monitor likes and followers over time


Keep up with your customer conversations


Monitor employee twitter accounts to stay in the know


Professional Digital Marketing=Business Growth

Coupon Promotions from Business Online Designs




For many of you businesses out there, you know that offering birthday and anniversary coupons, because these are special days, can bring new and added revenue to your business. People normally do not celebrate these occasions by themselves but will bring along additional people such as family members and/or friends to share their happy day. Take a look at a few of the examples of some of the coupons we can do for you. We can customize them for you and use your images if you like. Except for a little bit of time for setup, this is a total hands-off process for you. We take care of all the steps in the background so you don’t have to be involved much at all except for processing the coupon in your checkout process. We even send reminders to people so they are more likely to use their coupon and show up on that special day. Take a look below at a few of the examples of the types of coupons we can offer.


We have coupons for restaurants, bars, bakeries, spas, gyms and health clubs, hair and nail salons, hotels, car wash, nightclubs, stores, tanning salons.  If we didn’t mention your business and you would like to use a coupon promotion, contact us and we will work with you.


Professional Digital Marketing = Business Growth


birthday and anniversary coupons

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